With all of your invoices, income & expenses in one place, TruckLogics creates detailed reports for you. Choose from trip reports, monthly, quarterly, or all of the above.

The TruckLogics reports are a great way to take all of your business data and organize it in concise & convenient reports.

Accounts Reports

Your company's Profit and Loss reports for a particular month can be seen by selecting the quarter of the year. TruckLogics calculates your total income and expenses from all account's categories, as well as the total loaded and empty miles from your uploaded trip sheets. You can also view the 'Cost Per Mile', 'Revenue Per Mile', 'Profit Per Mile', and "% of Total Income" from all income and expense categories.

Customer Reports

Create customer reports to see which clients are generating the most revenue for your business.

Unit Report

In addition to the financial reports, TruckLogics also has unit reports such as truck fuel & trailer reports that measure activity for truck fuel usage and trailer use for either a custom date range, quarter, year, etc. These reports allow you to see your total miles, MPG, Loan Info, and important dates for the vehicle.

Unit License & Insurance Expiry Report

View license expiry reports to see which truck and trailer licenses are about to expire. Generate unit insurance expiry reports to stay abreast of insurance expirations and renewals for all trucks and trailers.

Fuel Tax Summary Report

Based on your trip sheets, TruckLogics creates fuel tax summary reports for you, giving you all of the totals needed to successfully fill out the quarterly IFTA report for your base jurisdiction.

Profit and Loss Report

View detailed summaries of your company's profits and losses broken down by a yearly, quarterly, monthly, or custom date ranges. See your total miles, loaded and empty as well as your total income, expenses, and revenue. This report clearly displays your cost per mile, revenue per mile, and profit per mile for any specific amount of time.

Year End Tax Report

Keep track of all of your finances to keep tax season headache free. This report tracks all of your expenses and income totals for the year in one convenient location to generate a report of your financial totals to match up with your Schedule C to quickly and easily fill out your tax forms. When you create a custom exspense you'll be asked to add it to the correct tax category so the totals will be correctly factored into your year end report.

Driver Payment

Use the Driver Payment Report to see the sum of driver settlement paid to each one of your drivers for the year, the gross amounts paid to individual contractors for 1099 purposes, as well as payments made to company drivers for the end of the year. Plus, you can view driver payments on an individual basis to ensure accuracy and to resolve any possible payment discrepancies with drivers.