It’s no secret that TruckLogics has one major goal: to make running your transportation business easier. Which is why we’re always looking for improvements in our own app, and which led us to creating a new electronic driver logs app.

As part of our ongoing mission to make your transportation business easier, we’ve implemented a new electronic driver log feature into TruckLogics.

With this new feature, long haul truckers can easily complete their hours of service entries with just a few keystrokes! This intuitive process is as easy as dragging a finger — but we also support manually adding your hours. Using auto location, creating a driver log graph is easy, and it lets you avoid the handwritten log altogether. Plus, you’ll save space not having to carry a log book with you!


Drivers and carriers can eliminate

  • The need for paper log books
  • The guesswork of driver DOT compliance
  • The high cost of managing driver log records
  • Print and email log directly from the TruckLogics app
  • Track their different types of hours in an easy to use electronic driver log
E-Log App

Best of all, this app is designed to make your life easier. While electronic driver logs have been a controversial topic, we wanted to create something that would work for any trucker. We’ve created a simple and easy way for truckers to add their records and remain DOT compliant.


Real-Time, web-based data

Real-Time, web-based data

Intuitive graph system

Intuitive graph system reduces log entry time

Reduce time spent processing, archiving, and retrieving saved log data

Reduce time spent processing, archiving, and retrieving saved log data

Easy-to-read electronic driver logs

Easy-to-read electronic driver logs detail status change, location, and current compliance status

Log inspections, giving driver maintenanc

Log inspections, giving driver maintenance accountability per trip

 Increased productivity and profitability

Increased productivity and profitability

Higher levels of compliance, resulting in less DOT fines

Higher levels of compliance, resulting in less DOT fines

Frequently Asked Questions

How do log edits work for drivers and fleet managers?

As part of our mobile app, we designed the electronic driver log in TruckLogics to be highly intuitive, letting you add and edit logs with just the swipe of a finger. Of course, sometimes you need to change the details of your log graph, so you can also manually edit your driver log
through our app.

In the TruckLogics app, to add an entry to your log, you just need to drag your finger across the appropriate hour of service you need to log. You’ll see a line where your finger crossed, and you’ll be able to just switch to a new hour of service to add your next hours of service.

Can logs be edited from a computer?

Unfortunately, logs can only be edited from within the app right now. Drivers will be able to edit their logs in a simple, intuitive fashion on their mobile tablet, but we do not offer computer access at this time.

Can driving time be edited?

In order to edit or change the logged hours, you can swipe your finger backwards to remove the length of the line, or you can manually
edit your log.

When you need to manually edit, you just need to tap the plus sign in the bottom right corner, and choose how you would like edit your logs.

How long are logs and ELD information stored online?

We focus on improving your recordkeeping, so we store your logs and ELD information indefinitely. After all, you never know when you will need to access your records! We also have printing and email options so you can store your records outside of the app, as well.