An Accurate and Automated
IFTA fuel tax report generation solution

With TruckLogics, IFTA reporting has never been easier!
When you keep track of your loads, dispatches, and fuel expenses, TruckLogics will use that information to quickly generate an IFTA report that you can use to file IFTA with your base jurisdiction.

Quick IFTA Report generation

  • TruckLogics makes your IFTA returns easy, by generating reports for you based on your
    trip sheets.
  • The tax rate changes, penalty calculations, and IFTA tax calculations for all the IFTA member jurisdictions are taken care of by TruckLogics.
  • KeepTruckin ELD users can import their Truck, Miles, and Fuel data with a few clicks, making IFTA reporting much easier. You can also import your fuel data from Comdata or EFS.
  • If your jurisdiction supports only online filing of IFTA, you can easily fill it with the help of the worksheet that TruckLogics generates for you.
Automatic IFTA Report generation
Generate your IFTA Report Accurately & Easily with our Software. Start a Free Trial!
Track Miles with Trip Sheet
Complete your mileage information on the trip sheet & generate an Accurate IFTA Report in minutes with our Software. Try for FREE!

Track Mileage with Trip Sheets

  • Track vehicle mileage easily. Enter the miles manually, or use Google Maps or ProMiles to calculate
    mileage automatically.
  • Capture taxable and non-taxable miles, fuel type, and fuel-ups for IFTA reporting.
  • Information on Taxable miles and Empty miles from Trip Sheets are used to generate IFTA reports. Option to add fuel-ups in the trip sheet available.
  • With ProMiles integration, create accurate trip sheets with the click of a button.

Track Fuel Up for IFTA Reporting

  • Record fuel-ups for all fuel types. Also, capture the payment information, tax amount, date of purchase, and the location.
  • The fuel-up against a truck that is earmarked for IFTA will automatically be accounted for IFTA.
  • Ability to consider only the acceptable fuel types for
    IFTA reporting.
  • Generate expense reports based on expense incurred date and fuel type.
Track Expenses for IFTA Reporting
Enter the fuel purchased entries with our Software. We will generate your IFTA Report Accurately based on the current tax rate for the Jurisdiction. Start Now!
ProMiles Integration
Our Software integrated with industry-leading Truck Routing Software Promiles to calculate the route miles for your trips. Generate your IFTA Report Now!

ProMiles Integration

  • TruckLogics is integrated with Promiles enables automatic calculation of route miles for your trips.
  • You can use Route Planner to locate Fuel Stops and Rest Stops along the route.
  • You can use Fuel Optimisation report to know fuel stops along the route, the fuel cost,
    estimated savings, etc.
  • Your trip sheets are filled with a click of a button. It makes your driver settlements and IFTA reporting a cake walk!

Integration with EFS

  • If your drivers use EFS Fuel Card for fuel expenses, you can import fuel expense transactions in just a few clicks.
  • Enter your EFS credentials in TruckLogics and seamlessly pull in the fuel card transactions from your EFS account
  • Manage all the fuel card transactions pulled in from your EFS account in one place.
TruckLogics EFS Integration
IFTA Report - Any Base Jurisdiction
Upload your miles traveled and fuel-ups data from the KeepTruckin's ELD, and TruckLogics will accurately generate the IFTA Report! Start a Free Trial!

Integration with KeepTruckin

  • If your vehicles are fitted with KeepTruckIn's ELDs, generate IFTA reports in TruckLogics in just a
    few clicks.
  • Enter your KeepTruckIn credentials in TruckLogics and seamlessly pull in the miles traveled and fuel-ups
    from the ELDs.
  • Export the miles and fuel-up reports in KeepTruckIn and pull them into TruckLogics using the bulk
    import feature.
  • During seamless integration with KeepTruckIn, option to pick and choose the trucks to be used for
    IFTA reporting.
  • You control the information pulled in from KeepTruckIn Miles traveled, fuel Ups, or both, for vehicles of your choice.

IFTA Penalty Calculation

  • Missing the tax deadline can happen to anyone, but it is important to complete the return with the correct penalties and late filing fees, where ever applicable. TruckLogics just takes care of it for you!
  • TruckLogics automatically calculates the filing fees and penalties after each deadline.
  • Interest for late filings is calculated.
  • Based on the Tax Due/Credit Earned, Interest, and Penalties, the final amount due or owed to you is calculated.
IFTA Penalty Calculation
Avoid IFTA penalties by generating the report accurately & filing with your Jurisdiction on-time. Generate your IFTA Report Now!

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