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Accurate and Automated IFTA Software

With TruckLogics, generating your IFTA report is easier than ever! Just add the trucks, distance, and fuel data to TruckLogics–our software will use that information to quickly generate an IFTA report that you can use to complete the filing with your base jurisdiction.

Easy Data Import Options

TruckLogics offers multiple ways to import the distance and fuel data required for generating your IFTA Report.

  • Manual Entry

    Enter the distance traveled, fuel type, and fuel purchases for each jurisdiction manually.

  • Bulk Upload

    Use our easy-to-use Excel templates to quickly import your distance and fuel data in bulk. TruckLogics offers two different templates.

  • Import from Motive and Samsara ELDs

    TruckLogics now provides Motive and Samsara Integration. You can connect your account and import your trucks , miles traveled
    and fuel purchased.

Easy Data Import Options
Import your Distance and Fuel data easily into our system to generate your IFTA Report efficiently. Generate your IFTA Report Now
Accurate Tax Calculations
Generate accurate IFTA tax reports based on the current tax rates for each Jurisdiction. Start Now

Accurate Tax Calculations

Just enter your distance and fuel data, and our system will do the rest!

  • Automatic Tax Rate Updates
  • IFTA Tax Calculations

Audit Check for Accuracy

TruckLogics will automatically audit your data to ensure the accuracy of your IFTA Reports.

Audit Check for Accuracy
Our audit check feature notifies you if there are any irregularities that may be flagged by IFTA. Generate Error Free IFTA Report
Generate a File-ready IFTA report
Avoid IFTA penalties by generating the report accurately and filing with your Jurisdiction on time. Generate your IFTA Report Now

Generate a File-ready IFTA report

TruckLogics allows you to generate an IFTA Report in State specific formats.

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