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TruckLogics offers a wide range of powerful integrations with solutions you’re already using, including Motive, DAT, ProMiles, QuickBooks, and Samsara. These integrations make it that much easier to generate IFTA reports, plan the best routes, manage finances, search for loads, and more!

IFTA Reporting from
Motive's ELDs

The Motive integration allows you to automatically import vehicle details, trip miles, and fuel-ups from Motive ELDs for IFTA reporting!

Generating an IFTA report using Motive data is easy and accurate, and all IFTA jurisdictions are supported.

Integration with Motive
Our Motive Integration simplifies your
IFTA reporting!
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Integration with samsara
The Samsara integration helps you generate your IFTA
report quickly!
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Import Your Data from
Samsara ELDs

The Samsara integration allows you to import your vehicles, distance, and fuel details directly from your existing Samsara account.

With this integration, you can import your IFTA data to TruckLogics in just seconds.

Import Fuel Expenses From Your EFS Fuel Card

Our EFS integration allows you to directly import all your fuel purchases from your EFS account

Streamline the IFTA reporting process by automatically importing fuel expenses in minutes!

TruckLogics EFS Integration
Our EFS Integration simplifies your IFTA Reporting! Start Now!
Integration with ProMilesL
TruckLogics calculates the estimated mileage for your trips automatically! Start My Free 7- Day Trial!

Plan Trip Routes
with ProMiles

The ProMiles integration quickly calculates mileage for your trip sheets. Our route planner and fuel optimization report will give you the recommended fuel stops along your route with the fuel costs at each stop, estimated savings, miles per gallon, tax dues, and IFTA tax.

Trip sheets can be filled with the click of a button, making your driver settlements and IFTA reporting a breeze!

Search Loads on DAT LoadBoard

The DAT integration allows you to grow your business by filtering the LoadBoard to make finding the best loads for you easier than ever!

Once you connect your DAT Power Account, you can search for loads, make offers to brokers, negotiate pricing, finalize, and create TruckLogics dispatches based on the DAT loads. You can even list your trucks directly on DAT so prospects can hire you.

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Integration with DAT
Find the most relevant opportunities for your business – the right load for your truck at the right price! Start Now to Find Loads!
Integration with QuickBooks
Upload your customer and vendor information directly from your QuickBooks account into TruckLogics! Start Now for Free!

Sync Contacts and Invoices
with QuickBooks

No need to manually add your contacts to TruckLogics–Our QuickBooks integration allows you to import all customer and vendor information instantly.

Invoices created in TruckLogics can also be added to
QuickBooks in seconds.

Create MERCER Settlements Easily

Drive for Mercer? You're in luck! Instead of retyping your settlements, just forward your Mercer settlement email to us and it’ll appear in your TruckLogics Leased Operator account.

Integration with ExpressTruckTax
We transfer your MERCER settlements so you don’t have to recreate them! Try for Free!

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