Independent Dispatcher Access

Let Independent Dispatchers help manage your trucking business!
Independent Dispatcher Access

Effective way to
Manage Dispatches

We are an all-in-one cloud-based trucking software providing industry-leading solutions to transportation companies of all sizes. TruckLogics will help you simplify and manage dispatching!

Allow Dispatchers to manage your Dispatches with the TruckLogics Secure Portal

The independent dispatcher portal allows professional dispatchers to access and manage your dispatches so that you can focus on the road.

TruckLogics users can link their existing accounts to an independent dispatcher. Doing so enables dispatchers to help keep track of your dispatches, maintenance scheduling, reporting, invoice factoring, and much more!

The Smart Way to Manage Your

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Giving Dispatchers Access to Your Account

When you give a dispatcher access to your account, they will be given office manager clearance. This means they will be able to help manage your activities, but will not be able to edit business details. You will be able to revoke their access at any time.

Managing Dispatches

The dispatcher will be able to add dispatches, as well as add check calls and other relevant information. Plus, if you would like, they can help you with maintenance, reporting, and invoicing.

Track your Dispatcher Activity

When you give dispatchers access to your account, you will be able to view all their activity. Everything they add, edit, and update will be recorded and available for you to check.

The Benefits of our
Independent Dispatcher Portal

  • Dispatch Management Without the Stress
  • Consistent Maintenance Scheduling
  • Reporting Created for You
  • Simple and Efficient Invoice Factoring
The Benefits of our Independent Dispatcher Portal

Allow Dispatchers to manage your Dispatches with TruckLogics

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