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With all of your invoices, income, and expenses in one place, TruckLogics creates efficient & detailed reports for you! You’ll be able to run reports on your profit/loss, customer revenue, driver payments, and year-end taxes quickly!
Manage Invoices
Say goodbye to manual data entry, invoice errors, and duplicate billing of invoices. Choose TruckLogics for the Simplest, Fastest & Smartest Invoice-To-Pay Workflow. Try TruckLogics Now!

Manage Invoices

With TruckLogics, managing your invoices is easy! You can create and send professional-looking invoices to your customers in minutes and keep a record of every open, paid, partially paid, and voided invoice. Plus, you'll get instant alerts on upcoming or past-due invoices. You can set a reminder for the invoice due date, and the system will automatically notify you.

You can also email, print, or mark an invoice as paid with the click of a button. With customizable email templates for your invoices, build your email the way you want it.

All paid invoices are reflected in our smart account
management system.

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Factoring Invoices

By factoring your invoices, you can turn your unpaid invoice into immediate working capital. The account management system in TruckLogics tracks all your factoring invoices
transactions accurately.

You can set the factoring rate as a percentage or dollar amount.You can also record partial payments from factoring companies in TruckLogics with ease.

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Factoring Invoices
Save time, reduce paperwork, and get paid faster! A web-based platform that allows you to generate & manage your factoring invoices from anywhere at any time. Sign Up Now
Manage Income / Expense Transactions
TruckLogics lets you streamline the process by managing your business income/expense transactions. Try TruckLogics Now!

Manage Income / Expense Transactions

Manage your income and expense transactions with built-in categories that save you time.

Your drivers can upload fuel receipts at the pump, or you can import data from your fuel card provider directly to your account using our Smart Upload Feature. TruckLogics even provides a detailed Profit and Loss report to help you understand and identify your company’s financial history, health, and overall performance. These records will also help you prepare your tax return accurately and boost your ability to make smart decisions, operate productively, and position your business for future growth.

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Manage Received Payments

Record full or partial payments on invoices. You can also record payments made on multiple invoices at the
same time!

TruckLogics lets you view all outstanding balances for your customer’s invoices to manage your received payments from a single screen. You can record all received payments for each open invoice or mark invoices as fully paid. Each of your customer’s unpaid invoices will appear in a list the next time you receive a payment from them.

The smart account management system keeps track of all your payments and generates intelligent reports that let you make informed decisions.

Manage Received Payments
Try our online trucking accounting software to track your payments in just a few clicks. Start a Free Trial!
Driver Settlement
Simplify your driver settlement process with TruckLogics. Start Now!

Driver Settlements

With TruckLogics, you can conveniently settle driver payments for a single dispatch or for a period of time. Whether your are settling for a hauling fee, advance payment, deduction or reimbursement, or a combination of these, it only a takes a few clicks. You can add ‘additional deductions’ directly to the settlements as well. If there are any recurring deductions for a driver, they are imported automatically for driver settlements.

All the payment transactions are accounted for automatically, which makes your account
management easy.

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Recurring Deductions

Recurring deductions can be scheduled weekly or monthly using TruckLogics!

Set up the automated deduction process once, and TruckLogics will manage these deductions in an efficient, convenient, and hassle-free way. Enter the recurring deduction details by setting the frequency of payment (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), driver's name, and the deduction amount.

Recurring Deduction
TruckLogics's Recurring Deduction Management streamlines and simplifies the deduction process that saves time, resources, and money for your trucking business. Try for FREE!
Financial Reports
#1 Online Software that provides accurate reports for all the accounting process of your trucking business Sign Up Now for 15-Day Free Trial!

Financial Reports

TruckLogics users can assess the profitability and financial strength of their business using our financial reports!

TruckLogics can generate valuable reports such as Profit and Loss, Year-End Tax, Driver Payments, IFTA reports, Unit License Expiry reports, and many more, giving insight into the overall performance of your business. Keep an eye on your bottom line and lay out a solid plan for your trucking business's future using TruckLogics.

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