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With TruckLogics, you have a virtual Truck Zone where you can track and schedule truck service intervals for all of your equipment. You can set this feature up to send you reminders when your trucks or trailers need service.
You can also mark trucks as inactive while they are in the shop for service so that there is no confusion during dispatching.
Manage equipment (truck/trailer) usage
Securely Track & Manage all your trucks and trailers in one place with TruckLogics! Start Managing your Trucks Now!

Manage Equipment (Truck/Trailer) Usage

Manage all your trucks and trailers in one place! Track everything, including their Unit Numbers, Fuel Types, VIN Numbers, Weight Categories, service statuses, License & Insurance expiry dates, last location, and much more.

The Truck Log and Dispatch History help you track the miles logged for each truck. Plus, with TruckLogics, you can securely upload, download, and fax any equipment documents with ease.

You can also import trucks from our sister product 'ExpressTruckTax' if you have a registered account. TruckLogics also allows you to export your trucks and trailer details through Excel.

Manage Truck Maintenance Schedules

With TruckLogics, all your most complex maintenance activities are made simple! Just set up your maintenance schedule based on truck mileage or time, and you will receive email reminders automatically. The reminders can be set to notify you hours, days or weeks ahead of time. You can also choose your preferred maintenance provider.

Increase the lifespan of your vehicles and reduce risks by implementing a preventive maintenance plan!

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Manage Truck Maintenance Schedules
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Driver Preferences
Worry about finding the driver, truck availability for the dispatch? It is simple now to track & assign the driver, truck, & trailer for the dispatch! Try for Free!

Driver Preferences

Here you can link the driver to a truck as well as to a trailer. It saves you time since you just need to pick the driver, and the equipment is assigned automatically to the dispatch. However, you can always change the truck/trailer.

Truck Preferences

You can also set a trailer name and trailer type for a particular truck. The preference set will save your time when you assign a truck in the dispatch.

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