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Add your Basic Details

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Transmit to the IRS

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ExpressExtension is an IRS-authorized e-file provider trusted by businesses of all types to e-file tax extension forms with the IRS.

Instant IRS Approval

Instant IRS Approval

Once you transmit the tax extension to the IRS, you will see your acceptance status instantly.

Automatic Extension

Automatic Extension

The IRS doesn’t require a reason for filing a tax extension, as it provides an automatic
6-month extension.

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Status notifications can be sent to your mobile phone or email.

Apply For an Extension in Minutes

Apply For an Extension
in Minutes

With our step-by-step guidance, you can easily e-file your tax extension Forms with the
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If your IRS rejects your Extension Form for any reason, you can re-transmit it for FREE.

Tax Extension Forms
We Support

Business Tax Extension

Tax Extension

File Form 7004 to get up to 6 additional months to file Forms 1120, 1120-S,
1065, 1041.

Personal Tax Extension

Tax Extension

File Form 4868 to get an automatic extension to file Personal tax
form 1040.

Nonprofit Tax Extension

Tax Extension

File Form 8868 to get up to 6 additional months to file 990 Forms.

Information Return Extension

Return Extension

File Form 8809 to get up to 30 days additional time to file your 1099, and
1095 Forms.

Tax Extension Solutions for Tax Professionals

To make tax extension filings simple for bulk filers, we provide bulk filing capabilities and pricing discounts
based on the volume of the returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Tax Extension Forms

What is Form 7004?

IRS Form 7004 is used by businesses to request an automatic 6-month deadline extension for business income tax forms 1120, 1120-S, 1065, 1041, and more. Businesses operating as C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, Multi Member LLC partnerships & corporations, Estates, and Trusts can request an federal income tax extension using
Form 7004.

File Form 7004 on or before March 15 to request an extension.

What business tax form deadlines can be extended using Form 7004?

There are 33 business tax forms that can request extension using Form 7004. Before requesting Extension, understand the Form 7004 Instructions for each form.

Due by
March 15

File Now
  • Form 1120-S
  • Form 1065
  • Form 1065-B
  • Form 1042
  • Form 3250-A
  • Form 8612
  • Form 8613
  • Form 8804
  • Form 1066
Due by
April 15

File Now
  • Form 1120
  • Form 1120-F
  • Form 1120-FSC
  • Form 1120-H
  • Form 1120-L
  • Form 1120-ND
  • Form 1120-ND (Section 4951 taxes)
  • Form 1120-PC
  • Form 1120-POL
  • Form 1120-REIT
  • Form 1120-RIC
  • Form 1120-SF
  • Form 1041 (estate other than a bankruptcy estate)
  • Form 1041 (Trust)
  • Form 1041 (bankruptcy estate only)
  • Form 8613
  • Form 8804
  • Form 1066
  • Form 706-GS (D)
  • Form 706-GS (T)
  • Form 1041-N
  • Form 1041-QFT

When is the deadline to file Tax Extension Form 7004?

The deadline to file Form 7004 depends upon the type of business.

  • S-Corporation tax Form 1120-S and Partnership tax Form 1065 are due by March 15.
  • C-Corporation tax Form 1120 and Trust Form 1041 are due by April 15.

Click here to find your 7004 due date.

Who all are required to File Personal Tax Extension?

Individuals in the U.S are required to file 1040 Extension if they need an additional time to file their personal tax return Form 1040, 1040-SR, 1040-NR, 1040-NR-EZ, 1040-PR, or 1040-SS. These individuals include 1099contractors as well as single-member LLCs and Schedule C Sole Proprietors.

What is Form 4868?

The Form 4868 is used by Individuals in the U.S. to get an additional 6 months to file personal income tax returns. The Form 4868 is automatic, as it means no explanation is required to apply for an irs extension.

When is the deadline to file Form 4868?

The deadline to file Form 4868 is April 15. File Form 4868 to extend the 1040 filing deadline to October 15.

What is Form 8868?

Form 8868 is a tax extension form that can be filed by tax-exempt organizations to get an automatic extension of up to 6 months to file their annual tax returns.

The deadline for the following forms can be extended by filing Form 8868:

  • Form 1041-A
  • Form 5227
  • Form 6069
  • Form 8870

Note: Extensions are not applicable for Form 990-N

When is the deadline to file Form 8868?

The deadline to file Form 8868 is the same as the due date of the tax returns for which the extension needs to be requested.

Example: For organizations following a calendar tax year, the deadline to file Form 990 is May 15. In this case, the deadline to file Form 8868 will also be May 15th.

What is Form 8809?

Form 8809 is used by businesses and individuals to get an automatic 30 days extension to file 1099, W2, 5498, & 1095 Forms. Form 8809 is automatic, as it means no explanation is required to apply for an extension.

Note: Extensions for Forms 1099-NEC, 1099-QA, 5498-QA, or W-2 are not automatic. You must submit your request on paper with an explanation.

Click here to learn more about Form 8809.

When is the deadline to file Form 8809?

The deadline to file Form 8809 is March 31. File Form 8809 to extend the 1099 & 1095 filing deadline to April 30.

E-file Tax Extension Forms in Minutes &
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