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Free IFTA Calculator

Are you looking for the simplest way to calculate your IFTA taxes? You are in the right place! With our IFTA Tax Calculator, you can easily calculate your IFTA mileage and Fuel taxes

What information do I need for using this IFTA Mileage calculator?

Using our calculator, you can calculate your state mileage and the total IFTA taxes due for the corresponding IFTA quarter.

All you need to calculate your IFTA Mileage is:

  • Your vehicle’s base jurisdiction
  • The quarter you are filing the report for
  • Fuel Type (Eg: Diesel, Gasoline)
  • The amount of fuel purchased (in Gallons), and the miles traveled in each state

How to get the tax summary report using this free IFTA calculator?

Our IFTA Fuel Tax calculator is easy to use. Here are the steps needed to use our online IFTA mileage calculator:

  • Select the relevant options in the dropdowns: Base jurisdiction, Fuel type, and Quarter.
  • Select a State from the list and then enter the Miles traveled and the gallons of fuel purchased in each state. You can add more rows if needed.
  • Once you are done, you can click ‘Calculate IFTA Tax’ and view the Tax Summary Report.

You can also enter your email address in the ‘Email’ field and click ‘Submit’ to receive your calculated tax report via email within seconds.

Are You Still Creating IFTA Reports Manually?

Managing your IFTA report manually can be a tedious process that involves a lot of paperwork and calculations. This leaves room for possible errors and miscalculations.

Switching to an automated process is the best alternative solution.

TruckLogics is here to simplify your process of generating your IFTA report.

How does TruckLogics simplify IFTA tax calculation?

  • In TruckLogics, you can create your trip sheets in a format more suitable for IFTA report generation.
  • The Motive integration of TruckLogics allows you to import all of the vehicle details, trip miles, and fuel-ups from Motive ELDs automatically.
  • With our EFS integration, you can directly import your fuel purchases from your EFS account for IFTA report generation.
  • IFTA tax rate changes made by the different jurisdictions for each quarter are updated automatically in TruckLogics. Based on these rates, TruckLogics will automatically calculate your IFTA taxes.

Not just the IFTA report generation, TruckLogics, the all-in-one TMS software, can streamline all your trucking business operations with its beneficial features.

Based on your requirements, you can utilize TruckLogics in two different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of IFTA?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) was created to make transferring fuel taxes between states and provinces easier.

Operators only have to report their fuel usage to their home jurisdictions, which collect and distribute taxes on net fuel consumption to other states. The base state is also responsible for enforcing compliance through frequent IFTA audits.

Another benefit is that IFTA guarantees that highways and roads are maintained in each state or province, ensuring that routes are safe and reliable. For motor haulers, this decreases the risk of vehicle damage.

What states/provinces are not included in IFTA?

Below are the following Non-IFTA jurisdictions/provinces:

United States Canada
Alaska Yukon Territory
Hawaii Northwest Territory
District of Columbia Nunavut

How long must records be kept?

IFTA records must be kept for four years after the filing or due date of the tax return, whichever comes first. In addition, monthly, quarterly, and annual summaries of IRP vehicle mileage records by fleet and state or Canadian province are required.

What is the difference between IFTA miles and Non-IFTA Miles?

International Fuel Tax Agreement miles, or IFTA miles, are all miles or kilometers your vehicle traveled in each IFTA-only territory during the quarter, including empty or deadhead miles.

Miles driven in non-IFTA jurisdictions are known as Non-IFTA State Miles. These jurisdictions include Alaska, Hawaii, the District of Columbia, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Mexico. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, the miles you traveled through these jurisdictions are indicated as Non-IFTA State Miles on your IFTA report.

What does IFTA flagged mean?

Failure to file returns, pay taxes on time, or both can result in a "flagged" account. You will be unable to renew your license or order more decals as a result of this. If your account has been flagged, a red alert will appear on your “User Home Page” next to your account name and number, informing you that your account has been flagged.