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TruckLogics’s cloud-based digital document management system securely keeps all your invoices, proofs of delivery, BOLs, trip sheet summaries,
and more!
Do away with paper files with our effective digital document management system.
Smart Document Scan
Invoices, proof of delivery, and BOLs can all be sent to your clients in a single click! Enjoy the feature Now!

Smart Document Scan

Creating and storing documents shouldn’t be hard!

TruckLogics gives you state-of-art features such as the smart digital document system, which allows you and your drivers to capture documents from the mobile app, crop them, and save them. Invoices, proof of delivery, and BOLs can all be sent to your clients with a
single click!

Load Rate
Confirmation Sheet

The Load Rate Confirmation sheet is automatically generated based on the information entered when you create an invoice or
quick dispatch.

TruckLogics allows you to send rate confirmations instantly to your clients!

Load Rate Confirmation sheet
TruckLogics allows you to generate rate confirmations accurately & send them instantly to your clients! Start Now for Free
Trip summary
TruckLogics allows you to generate a trip summary for the dispatch accurately. Try Now for Free

Trip Summary

Print or email trip summaries to your drivers or clients. The trip summary includes details of the trip made during dispatch. You can also share the document with drivers via chat in the
TruckLogics app.

Bill of Lading

TruckLogics offers an e-sign option that allows your drivers, shipper, or consignees to sign BOLs electronically. The BOLs are available for drivers to view or download from their
mobile app.

Explore our e-sign BOL feature & enjoy the
Contactless process.
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Generate an invoice for your loads in a single click and share it with your clients by email. If you are working with a factoring company, email the invoices to them and get
paid sooner!

All your documents for the loads, including invoices, are available in your account.

Proof of Delivery

With our smart digital document system, it is a breeze for drivers to capture signed documents! Just snap a picture with your mobile device, crop it, and upload! No more paper PODs!

Proof of Delivery
Electronic Proof of Delivery — One More Way a Quality Trucking Software Makes Your Life Easier Explore More Now!

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