Transportation Management System

IFTA Reporting Solution

Generating your IFTA Report is easy and accurate with TruckLogics

  • Easy to Import IFTA Fuel Tax Data
  • Accurate Tax Calculation & Data Conversion
  • Data Validations for Accurate Reports
  • Generate State-Specific IFTA Reports

The Complete Trucking Management Solution

Managing your clients’ entire trucking business is simple and easy to track. You can work with clients to manage the business process.

  • Simple Dispatching Management
  • Manage Accounting, Drivers and More
  • Drivers Management
  • Accurate Income/Expenses Reports
  • Generate Accurate IFTA Reports
Transportation Management System

Supports all the types of Trucking Businesses

Trucking Management Software for Leased Operators

Leased Operators

Trucking Management Software for Owner Operators

Owner Operators

Trucking Management Software for Fleet Managers

Fleet Managers

TruckLogics Pricing

TMS Solution

We offer different subscription types based on the number of trucks and what features are needed.

IFTA Reporting Solution

You can pay for the report when you are ready to download it.

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