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From managing dispatches, income and expense transactions, and financial reports to uploading fuel expenses and generating invoices, TruckLogics will help you manage your entire business.

How TruckLogics will simplify
your business

Before TruckLogics

  • No way to track dispatches Time wasted tracking dispatches
  • Piles of paper documents Lots of expensive manual work
  • Multiple systems needed to manage your business Time wasted and accuracy lost
  • Missed truck and trailer maintenance No reminders for truck maintenance

After TruckLogics

  • Simplified dispatch schedule process Plan trips for dispatches with a seamless tracking system
  • Everything online No more heaps of unattended paperwork
  • A single system to run your entire business Increased efficiency in the overall business performance
  • Instant trucking maintenance reminders Keep trucks and trailers in the best shape
Truckers pain points before choosing TruckLogics
How Truckers solved pain points after choosing TruckLogics
Start with TruckLogics to solve all your pain points in managing your Business

What can TruckLogics do for
Owner Operators

LTL / FTL Load Management

LTL / FTL Load Management

Create FTL (Full Truckload) and LTL (Less-than-Truckload) dispatches and manage
them in one place.

Manage Invoices

Manage Invoices

Professional invoices tailored for you!

Manage invoices and send them to your customers in the click of a button. Get instant alerts on upcoming or past due invoices and set up a reminder for its due date.


Mobile App

Convert your smartphone into a powerful tool and take your business with you on the go!

Plan your route with ProMiles and get information on Load, Rest, and Fuel stops. From sharing all your trip-related documents with customers, brokers, and shippers to e-signing BOLs, everything can be done in
just a few clicks.

IFTA Reporting

IFTA Reporting

Simplify your IFTA Reporting!

Generate your IFTA report based on trip sheet entries or information pulled up from your Motive ELD, or import all the fuel expense transactions by integrating your EFS Fuel Card account with TruckLogics. Then, use that report to file with any base jurisdiction.

Load Board

Load Board

No more struggling to find loads!

Connect with the DAT Load Board and search the right load for your business. Spend more time on the road and put a pin to your most preferred loads. Post your idle trucks on the DAT site and find the right load for your trucks!

Document Management

Say goodbye to piles of paperwork
lying around!

Manage all your business documents securely in our cloud-based digital document
management system.

Manage Income and Expense Transactions

Manage Income and Expense Transactions

Manage your income and expense transactions simply and efficiently. Generate reports to get insight on financial history and overall performance of your business.

Financial Reports

Financial Reports

Our financial reports do wonders for your business!

Generate reports like Profit and Loss, Year-End Tax, Driver Payments, and IFTA reports and get an overall understanding of your business financially.

Dispatch Schedule

Schedule dispatches in just a few clicks!

Track and manage your trucks availability and plan your trips accordingly—no more hunting for trucks!

Customer Success Stories

Learn how TruckLogics helped an owner-operator manage FTL and LTL loads with the right technology


An owner-operator in the trucking business had a hard time tracking and scheduling LTL and FTL loads.

TruckLogics’ Solution:

  • The Dispatch Management feature offered by TruckLogics helped in scheduling LTL and FTL loads.
  • Create a single load for a dispatch with Full Truck Load (FTL).
  • Add multiple loads to a single dispatch and generate separate invoices and BOLs for each client's load, with Less Than TruckLoad (LTL).


The Dispatch Management feature made a significant change to the owner operator’s business and increased its cash flow.

Know how TruckLogics helped to manage the business of this leased operator by coming up with a comprehensive solution

TruckLogics helped to bring in 10x productivity for our trucking business with its seamless dispatch system. We appreciate their efforts in managing our dispatches in a simple yet productive approach.

- Robin, Owner Operator

Learn how TruckLogics helped this owner-operator save a lot of money and time by taking their business with them


A trucking business run by an owner operating was struggling when it came to finding the best route for the trip. This resulted in burning fuel and money on unwanted stops. Mailing out shipping documents to customers, brokers and shippers often took way too long.

Trucklogics’ Solution:

  • Find the best route for the trip with the Route Planner option and save money and time.
  • Manage all trip-related documents in a digitized format, making the sharing process simple.
  • E-sign BOLs without physical contact.
  • Easy access to other shipping documents.


The TruckLogics Mobile Application totally changed the face of the owner operator's business and helped them take it on the go!

Customer Stories

Simply amazing. TruckLogics mobile application had everything we need to manage our business in the palm of our hand.

- Joy, Owner Operator

TruckLogics Pricing


$9.95 / month


$19.95 / month


$29.95 / month


$8.95 / month (billed yearly)


$17.95 / month (billed yearly)


$26.95 / month (billed yearly)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search for loads in TruckLogics using the DAT load board?

Yes. Once you connect to the DAT with your TruckLogics Owner Operator account, you can search for loads that meet your needs. Based on your search preference, DAT automatically lists all the matching loads for you to plan a new haul or fill your empty backhauls.

How do I create dispatch for a Load in TruckLogics?

Creating dispatch for a load can be done in two ways. You can either create dispatches for the existing undispatched loads or create a quick dispatch by providing the load details and then assigning a driver and truck to that dispatch.

How can TruckLogics help to generate my tripsheet?

With our integration with Promiles, generating trip sheets is easy and simple. The taxable and non-taxable miles for each state jurisdiction can also be automatically calculated in the Trip Log based on the start and end locations. The taxable miles will be used for generating the IFTA report.

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