TruckLogics has integrated with various leading service providers from different markets. Our integration helps improve your efficiency, reduce data works, and save tons and tons of time.

Be it Load Board or Accounting, Payroll or IFTA, Contractor or HVUT filing, we have covered you everything.


TruckLogics helps truckers to generate IFTA Report easily with Motive Integration.

Just upload your fuel & trip report downloaded from Motive, TruckLogics will generate IFTA Report for your trucking business automatically in minutes.


Find better routes without limits with Promiles integration from TruckLogics!

Promiles, #1 Routing Software helps truckers to find out the best, most accurate, most up to date mapping, mileage, and routing data of your trucks.


TruckLogics is also integrated with QuickBooks, the #1 Accounting Software.

With quickbooks integration, you can import and export information between TruckLogics and QuickBooks® without having to manually re-enter any of your information into your quickbooks system.


TruckLogics is pleased to partner with #1 LoadBoard Provider - DAT.

The DAT integration in TruckLogics allow Truckers to search the loads from more than 235 million loads, and let to book preferred load, & provide a way to manage it efficiently.


Turn your trip sheets entry from your TruckLogics account into an IFTA report.

TruckLogics has made an integration with ExpressIFTA which helps Truckers to Generate IFTA reports for each and every quarter without any trouble and no manual work.


TruckLogics has integrated with the marketing leading 2290 E-file provider, ExpressTruckTax.

With this integration, your HVUT filing can be done in very few steps. And you will get your Schedule 1 the moment you transmit your Form 2290 with the IRS.


TruckLogics has made an integration with TaxBandits, the leading federal tax e-filing solution provider.

With this integration, all your tax filing needs will be taken care under one roof. Be it 941, W-2 or 1099, 8300, you can file and manage all these forms from one place.

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