QuickBooks® Software Integration with TruckLogics

After being asked by many of our users, we have now integrated QuickBooks® financial software directly into TruckLogics!

With this new integration, TruckLogics users can now integrate the online version of QuickBooks® with their current TruckLogics subscription.

Current Features

With this update, our users can sync their address book between TruckLogics and QuickBooks®. It’s as simple as opening your address book and clicking “sync.”

TruckLogics and QuickBooks®

Address Book Sync

After you click sync, you just need to click “Connect to QuickBooks®.”

By synchronizing your address book, you can share details such as customers, drivers, brokers, vendors, carriers, factoring and staff between QuickBooks® and TruckLogics.

Invoice Export

Create an invoice from any dispatch you create within TruckLogics, which can also be shared to QuickBooks® online.

Upcoming Features

Coming soon, TruckLogics will let you import and export expense details such as fuel purchases, equipment purchased, toll charges, driver settlements, and maintenance bills to an accountant.

The Benefits of QuickBooks® Integration

With our new QuickBooks® Online integration, you can import and export information between TruckLogics and QuickBooks® without having to manually re-enter any of your information into the system. There are more important things to do when managing a transportation business, after all.

Note: Intuit and QuickBooks are trademarks and service marks of Intuit Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

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