DAT Load Board Integration

DAT simplifies finding loads and posting trucks for your trucking business.
DAT Load Board Integration

About DAT Load Board and its Integration with TruckLogics

By connecting your DAT account with TruckLogics, you’ll be able to find the best loads for your business without ever leaving TruckLogics! You can filter results to find the most relevant loads for you and even negotiate with TruckLogics from TruckLogics.

Once you have finalized a load, you can import the load details into a TruckLogics dispatch to save time on data entry. If you have any idle trucks, you can also post those to DAT for shippers to find you.

Benefits of Integrating with DAT Load Board

Benefits of Integrating with
DAT Load Board

  • Find loads without leaving TruckLogics
  • Import load information into TruckLogics easily
  • Post your idle trucks to DAT

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