EFS Fuel Card Integration

EFS simplifies the process of importing and managing all your drivers' fuel expense transactions seamlessly
in one place.
TruckLogics EFS Integration
EFS Fuel Card Integration

About EFS Fuel Card and its Integration with TruckLogics

With EFS integration, you can import all the fuel expense transactions into your TruckLogics account. Simply connect your EFS account with TruckLogics and start importing the expense transactions made with just a click of a button.

TruckLogics EFS Fuel card Integration

Benefits of EFS Integration with

  • Seamlessly Import Fuel Card Transactions
  • Instead of manually recording fuel expenses and uploading an exported file, you can pull up the fuel expense transactions from the fuel card in just a few clicks.

  • Use Imported Fuel Data for IFTA Filings
  • For accurate IFTA Report generation, you can directly fetch the fuel transactions from the fuel card.

  • Eliminate Paper Documentation
  • You can store all the information on fuel expense transactions on your TruckLogics account; no more printing and paper documentation.

  • Easily manage all the fuel expense transactions in one place.
  • By integrating your EFS account with TruckLogics, you can view and manage all the fuel expense transactions made by your drivers from your TruckLogics account.

Requirements of EFS Integration

  • Users must have an active TruckLogics account.
  • Users should have valid EFS fuel card and EFS account credentials
  • Driver and equipment information on TruckLogics should match with fuel card data.
EFS Fuel card Integration for accurate IFTA Reporting

Import Your Fuel Data in TruckLogics using EFS Fuel Card Integration

Enter EFS Account Credentials

Enter EFS Account Credentials

Select a date range to get fuel expense transactions

Select a date range to get fuel expense transactions

Preview the transactions

Preview the transactions and map the unmapped fields.

import the fuel expense transactions

Finally, import the fuel expense transactions into TruckLogics

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