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EFS Fuel Card Integration

Our EFS integration makes importing and managing your drivers' fuel expenses simple and efficient.
EFS Fuel Card Integration

TruckLogics is now Integrated with EFS, the Leading Fuel Card Provider.

Import your Fuel Card Transactions to simplify IFTA Reporting & Recordkeeping. Try It Now

How Our EFS Fuel Card Integration Works

With our EFS integration, you can directly import all your fuel purchases. Simply connect your EFS account and begin importing any expense transactions you need. This data can be used for driver settlements, IFTA reporting, recordkeeping, and much more!

TruckLogics EFS Fuel card Integration Integration

How Our EFS Integration Helps You

  • Seamlessly Import Fuel Card Transactions
  • Instead of manually recording fuel expenses or uploading a spreadsheet, you can directly import your fuel card purchases.

  • Simplified IFTA Reporting
  • Save time and increase the accuracy of your IFTA reports by easily importing all your fuel purchases.

  • Reduce Paper Documentation
  • All your fuel receipts are stored in your EFS account and can be added to your TruckLogics account.

What You Need To Use Our EFS Integration

  • An active TruckLogics account
  • A valid EFS fuel card and account (Don't have an EFS card? Contact us today to get one!)
  • Matching records for truck unit numbers and driver name information on both systems.
EFS Fuel card Integration for simple fuel purchase importation

How To Use Our EFS Integration

Importing your fuel purchases is simple! Just follow these steps:

Enter EFS Account Credentials

Connect your EFS account

Select a date range to get fuel expense transactions

Choose a fuel expense date range

Review & Import your fuel expenses

Review & Import your fuel expenses

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