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Samsara ELD Integration

Import your vehicles, distance, and fuel data from your Samsara account for quick and accurate IFTA reporting!
Samsara ELD Integration

Driving Efficiency - Samsara and TruckLogics

TruckLogics now integrates with Samsara, the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, making IFTA reporting even easier. TruckLogics clients who use Samsara can connect their accounts, importing their trucks, mileage, and fuel data in a matter of seconds.

Samsara ELD Integration

Benefits of Integrating Your Samsara Account

  • Avoid manually entering data
  • Ensure that your data is accurate
  • Instantly import your trucks and trip information
  • Generate IFTA reports in minutes

How to Import Data from Samsara for IFTA Reporting

Samsara account

Step 1

Log into your TruckLogics account using your email and password

Import from Samsara

Step 2

Click the “Integrations” tab

fuel data for Samsara

Step 3

Select “Import from Samsara” and follow the prompts to complete the integration

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