TAP App combines the market-leading services offered by TruckLogics and Trucker Tax Service into a single innovative platform.

This complete service allows you as an OTR driver to quickly check your business activities, such as revenue and expenses, from your mobile device. You can capture per-diem rates to ensure you are receiving your full deduction. TAP App allows you to track and monitor your CPM (Cost Per Mile) and RPM (Rate Per Mile)

TAP App gives you the ability to track detailed bookkeeping records from any mobile or connected device, allowing for simplified year-end tax filing. Also, you can ask your tax-related questions at any time.

As an OTR driver, you can now efficiently manage your bookkeeping while on the road. Don’t let managing your business slow you down. We understand what is important to you as an over the road driver.

TAP App provides a cost-effective and simplified trucking business management and reporting program to the trucking industry. Combined with full-service tax preparation, TAP App meets the business management and bookkeeping needs of OTR drivers like yourself.

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