Transportation Management System

Transportation Management Systems - An Overview

- Updated June 26, 2021 - 8.00 AM - Admin, Trucklogics

A Transportation Management System (TMS) helps trucking businesses plan, execute, and optimize dispatches, check calls, invoices, and reporting.

1. The Challenge of Managing a Trucking Business without a TMS

Trucking is a huge industry in the United States. However, if you are new to the industry, starting a trucking business without a transportation management system can easily become too much to handle on spreadsheets or paper.

Here are some challenges you will face.

  • Paper-based system
  • To manage all your freight details, invoices, billing info, and much more on paper is a complex and tedious process. In addition, you’ll have limited insight into your business, and misplacing critical documents could lead to a total loss of information.

    Also, managing your entire business operation on paper takes up a lot of space and can leave you vulnerable to errors and miscalculations, lost documents, or failure to invoice in a timely fashion.

  • Tracking deliveries
  • Your customers often expect periodic updates on their deliveries.

    This can be difficult for transportation companies that need to make a call for every status update.

  • Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Customer satisfaction is just as important as making money with your trucking business. You’ll need technology to provide them with regular updates on what’s happening.

2. Benefits of using a TMS System for your Business

Using a TMS system for your business will save you time on dispatching, invoicing, reporting, and communication.

  • Manage all your business-related documents securely in one place. No more paperwork lying around your truck or office!
  • Increase your margins by reporting on your bottom line on-demand; an informed fleet manager makes better rate negotiation decisions to maximize profitability.
  • Track freight in real-time with our integrated mobile app.
  • A check call system to keep your customers or brokers informed of driver progress

3. What you need to run your trucking business efficiently

Running a trucking business can be profitable, but many new businesses fail because they never take the time to learn how the business works. Staying in business and maintaining profitability is challenging without the proper resources.

Running and expanding your trucking business takes more than just knowing how to drive a truck or which factoring company to send your invoices to. You will need to be able to:

  • Track Your Income and Expenses
  • Minimize Fuel Expenses
  • Manage your Finances
  • Run An Efficient Back Office

4. Choosing the Right TMS System for Your Trucking Business

The trucking industry is the backbone of the U.S. economy. Therefore, truckers will always be in demand.

Having your paperwork in order and having industry knowledge is essential, but having an efficient Transportation Management System is what keeps every operation under control!

TruckLogics is an all-in-one TMS system used by trucking businesses to manage their dispatches, Invoices, expenses, and much more!

Here are a few features which make TruckLogics one of the best transportation management systems in the trucking industry!

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