Keep organized and accurate mileage & fuel records for compliance. And with the ProMiles add-on, trip sheets take seconds to complete!

Trip Sheet Details

Track your odometer readings in TruckLogics manually or automatically through the ProMiles add-on feature. Enter your odometer reading at the beginning of your trip, and TruckLogics will use ProMiles to calculate and record your future odomoeter readings each time you leave and enter a jurisdiction.

With the ProMiles add-on, you can complete your Trip Sheets with a few clicks. Simply select "ProMiles" instead of Manual when completing your trip sheets, and ProMiles will automatically record the necessary trip details on your Trip Sheet. Just add fuel use, and you're done!

TruckLogics users can also elect to complete Trip Sheets manually. Simply click "Manual" at the top of the Trip Sheet. Then enter the odometer reading, trip beginning and end point, taxable and non-taxable mileage, fuel use, MPG, and any other details you need to record for your compliance records.

Fuel Expenses Details

Keep detailed fuel expense details using the TruckLogics Expense tracker. Each time you purchase fuel, input the vehicle that was filled, the number of gallons, the fuel type, the total cost of the sale, the odometer reading at the time of fueling, the location, and even upload an image of the receipt and save it with that transaction.