What can TruckLogics do for company drivers?

Drivers are able to track their income and expenses, monitor their fuel purchases, generate monthly profit & loss and year-end tax reports, and set reminders to stay compliant with taxes--all in one location!

Pricing $7.95 per month

What can TruckLogics generate for you?

When you join TruckLogics, you'll be able to quickly and accurately generate end-of-year tax reports, as well as monthly profit & loss reports. It's just one way we're working to help you stay on the road for the long haul.

TruckLogics do for Leased Operator

TruckLogics Pricing for Company Driver

per month

  • Unlimited Income & Expense entry
  • Fuel Purchase Tracking
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Reporting
  • Maintenance Recording & Automatic Reminders
  • Year End Tax Reports
  • Address Book
  • Tax Compliance Reports

What features are included in TruckLogics just for Company Drivers?



Wouldn't it be great to get paid faster? That's why we designed a feature to help you do just that. TruckLogics helps you calculate your pay, including deductions, reimbursements, or advances.

Fuel Ups

Fuel UP

Stop hassling with receipts! Let TruckLogics keep track of all of your essential fueling information, such as the fuel type, quantity, cost, location of the fuel stop, etc. It's just one of the features we designed with you in mind!

Schedule and Record Maintenance


Never forget about truck and trailer maintenance again! With TruckLogics you can set reminders for your maintenance, as well as record the cost of parts and repairs to make it easier to share with your company.

End of Year Reports


Don't stress yourself trying to generate end-of-year statements and profit & loss reports. Use TruckLogics! We'll help you generate your year-end tax reports, as well as your profit & loss reports in no time.

Expense Tracking


Don't clutter your truck with expense reports and receipts! Let TruckLogics keep track of your trucking-related expenses, such as your parking fees, tolls, permits, etc.