Electronic Signing of
Bill of Lading (BOL)

Contactless E-Signing for Drivers, Shippers & Consignees!

Go Contactless!
Have BOLs signed electronically

Our trucking software can enhance every aspect of your business, including the electronic signing of BOL by drivers, shippers, and consignees.

E-sign BOL

No more signing BOLs on paper. TruckLogics simplifies the BOL signing process with a digitalized contactless option for drivers, shippers, and consignees. Simply sign the BOL with thw click of a button or on the mobile app. It’s completely paperless.

E-Signing of BOL made easy using
Mobile App

E-Signing of BOL made easy using Mobile App

Generate BOL

Your BOL will be automatically filled with freight details and instructions to drivers, shippers, and consignees. Generate the BOL with the click of a button.

Send E-Sign BOL Request

Once your BOL is generated, send an e-sign request to drivers, shippers, and consignees to electronically sign the BOL with a link in a email or using the driver's mobile App.

E-Signing by Driver

If the driver has an account in TruckLogics, they can e-sign the BOL in the mobile app. They can also e-sign using a link in a notification email. Fleet managers can thern review the status of the signing under
BOL activity.

E-Signing by Shipper / Consignee

Shippers and consignees can e-sign the BOL at pick up and drop-off points. If the fleet manager initiates the e-signature request, the BOL can be e-signed by clicking the link in the notification email they receive. Alternatively, the BOL can be e-signed on your driver’s device. The driver can have shippers and consignees e-sign on the mobile app at the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Check E-Sign Status

The status of the e-signature can be viewed under BOL activities with the time of activity being displayed. Option to resend the request for e-sign is available.

Benefits of E-Signing BOLs
with our Trucking Software

  • Contactless Signature
  • Reduces security concerns with signatures
  • Enhances overall productivity
  • Cuts down on paperwork

Go Paperless! Have your BOLs e-signed at the pick-up and drop-off locations, using the TruckLogics mobile App.

Benefits of using e-sign BOL with our Trucking Software

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