Motive Integration

TruckLogics Motive Integration simplifies your IFTA reporting and Dispatching process.

Motive ELD Integration

About Motive and its Integration with TruckLogics

Seamless Data Import

  • Connecting your TruckLogics account with Motive ELD allows you to easily import all truck information, distance, and fuel data in a matter of minutes.
  • Save yourself the time and frustration of re-entering data manually.
Import from Motive
Send dispatches to Motive

Hassle-Free Dispatch Process

  • After importing the truck information into your TruckLogics account from Motive ELD, you can create dispatches in TruckLogics that can then be sent to the Motive account.
  • These dispatches will be reflected in the Reports of the
    Admin account.
  • Allow your drivers to view the dispatches in the Motive driver’s
    mobile app.

Simplified IFTA Report Generation

  • TruckLogics Motive Integration feature helps you to Generate IFTA reports easily.
  • TruckLogics Motive users can easily import all the vehicle information, distance, and fuel data for their IFTA report generation.
Simplified IFTA Reporting with Motive Integration
Motive ELD Integration

Benefits of Integrating with Motive

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