What Can TruckLogics do for Leased Operators?

Tired of sorting through documents and trying to keep track of all of your profits and losses? Now there's an easier way! TruckLogics offers its members time-saving features like auto settlements, profit & loss reports, maintenance reminders, and so much more. So what are you waiting for? Join TruckLogics!

Pricing $7.95 per month

Mercer Trip Settlement Auto Import

TruckLogics has joined with Mercer Transportation to allow leased operators to automatically import their trip settlements with ease! (Learn more..)

TruckLogics for Leased Operators

TruckLogics makes it easy! When you input your settlement information, fuel ups, expenses, and maintenance reports into TruckLogics, the program will automatically create maintenance alerts, end of year reports, and profit & loss reports.

TruckLogics do for Leased Operator

TruckLogics Pricing for Leased Operators

per month

  • Auto Settlement
  • Unlimited Income & Expense entry
  • Fuel Purchase Tracking
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Reporting
  • Maintenance Recording & Automatic Reminders
  • Year End Tax Reports
  • Address Book
  • Tax Compliance Reports

What features are included in TruckLogics just for Leased Operators?



Keep track of all of your settlements from carriers, including hauling income, accessorial income, and deductions.

Fuel Ups

Fuel UP

Never miss another detail when it comes to your fuel ups. TruckLogics will manage all of the details like fuel type, quantity, cost, and location.

Schedule and Record Maintenances


TruckLogics will help you remember the little things! Schedule when your truck and trailer are ready for maintenance, and we'll even keep track of the maintenance record for you.

Maintenance Reminders


Have a hard time remembering when your truck needs maintenance? We'll help! With TruckLogics you can set email and push notification reminders for when your truck and trailer need maintenance.

Expense Tracking


Never lose track of your expenses again! TruckLogics records and monitors all of your business-related expenses, such as parking fees, tolls, and permit costs, letting you keep track of your money on the go.

End of Year Reports


Generating end-of-year reports doesn't have to be difficult! Input the details of your trips and expenses, and TruckLogics will automatically generate reports for your preferred tax period.

Profit & Loss Reports


Get profit and loss reports for your preferred time period. Generate year-end tax report for schedule C with ease.