Integration with KeepTruckin

Are your trucks fitted with KeepTruckin ELDs? If so, you don’t have to manually add them in TruckLogics. We can seamlessly pull in the truck details
from KeepTruckin.
Integration with KeepTruckin

Add Trucks
from KeepTruckin

Our trucking software can enhance every aspect of your business by integrating with KeepTruckin to pull in the truck details and add them to TruckLogics.

Integrate Seamlessly with KeepTruckin!

With our KeepTruckin integration, you can pull in your truck details from KeepTruckin and add them to your TruckZone with a few clicks. During IFTA reporting, TruckLogics can also import the distance and fuel data directly from your KeepTruckin account!

Seamlessly Pull In Truck, Distance, and Fuel data
from KeepTruckin

Seamlessly Pull In Truck, Distance, and Fuel data from KeepTruckin

Import Trucks from KeepTruckin

Connect to your KeepTruckin account to instantly import truck details into your TruckLogics account. Choose the trucks you want to import, connect them to your trucks in TruckLogics, and automatically pull the distance data recorded at each jurisdiction in their ELDs.

Distance Data for IFTA

Your ELDs will know the distance travelled by your trucks. The integration solution with KeepTruckin pulls in the distance traveled by these trucks to be used for IFTA
reporting purposes.

Fuel Data for IFTA

Our IFTA reporting features allow you to pull in fuel data from wherever you keep it. When you generate an IFTA report, you have the option to import the fuel data from either KeepTruckin or from TruckLogics.

Generate IFTA Report

If your trucks are linked to KeepTruckin, distance data will be automatically imported from the ELDs for IFTA reporting. You can then decide if fuel data will be imported from KeepTruckin or TruckLogics. You can always change things after the import. Finally, your IFTA report will be generated will be based on your
base jurisdiction.

Penalties and Interest

Late payment penalty and interest payments are automatically calculated as part of IFTA reporting. However, you can override the interest and penalty amounts.

Amendment to IFTA Report

You can always amend IFTA reports generated in TruckLogics. Every updated version will be saved for
later reference.

Benefits of KeepTruckin Integration

  • Add trucks from KeepTruckin quickly.
  • Prepare your IFTA report based on KeepTruckin data.
  • Edit distance and fuel data pulled in from KeepTruckin.
  • Ensures accuracy and removes audit risk.
Integrating Keeptruckin

Ready to Import your Truck Details from KeepTruckin

Have ELD Data in KeepTruckin?

Import Distance & Fuel Data from KeepTruckin for IFTA Reporting with Our Software

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