Paying your drivers–simplified. TruckLogics helps you calculate pay with deductions, reimbursements, or advances in a fraction of the time.

Hauling Charges

TruckLogics calculates the driver's pay for you based on your settings. Elect whether you will pay the driver per mile, per loaded mile, a percentage of revenue, or manually, and the hauling charge will be determined instantly.

Fuel Surcharge Fees

Calculate the Fuel Surcharge automatically based on mileage, a percentage of the revenue, or a flat rate per trip.

Add Accessorial Fees

When performing driver settlements, easily add accessorial fees by choosing the fee type from the dropdown menu, or customize by adding your own category.

Add Reimbursements & Deductions Amount details

Reimburse drivers for expenses by adding the total and reason to the settlement. TruckLogics automatically adds the reimbursement to their balance.

Advance pay for the Driver

Deductions for advance pay, late deliveries, or other reasons can be taken from the final settlement balance by adding the cost and reason for the deduction.