Business Tax Returns
Your 2022-23 Form 2290 is due now for the 2022-23 Tax Period.
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Form 2290 Filing for Trucking Businesses

E-File your HVUT Form 2290 on the go!
Form 2290 Filingfor Trucking Businesses

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The TruckLogics mobile application helps truckers file HVUT Form 2290 easily and receive their Stamped Schedule 1 in just a few minutes!

E-file 2290 on-the-go!

Filing HVUT Form 2290 is mandatory for every heavy vehicle owner whose vehicles operate on public highways. With our TruckLogics mobile app, users can file their 2290 return with a click of a button and receive their Stamped Schedule 1
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E-filing Form 2290 HVUT is Easy
With Our Mobile App

E-filing Form 2290 HVUT is Easy With Our Mobile App

Add Taxable Vehicles

Add vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more and provide the vehicle’s VIN and Taxable Gross Weight.

Add Suspended Vehicles

Add vehicles that didn't exceed 5000 miles (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles) and provide the VIN and Taxable Gross !eight. If your suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage limit, you will have to pay taxes.

IRS Payment Method

Once the tax due is calculated, choose any of the payment methods below to pay the HVUT taxes to IRS:

  • Electronic Funds Withdrawal
  • Check or Money Order

E-File Form 2290

Once the payment is processed, electronically sign your return , add aPersonal Identification Number (PIN), and transmit the return to the IRS.

We have integrated with ExpressTruckTax, the #1 IRS-authorized 2290 e-file provider, to e-file your
Form 2290.

Receive Schedule 1

You will be notified when the IRS approves your return. Receive your Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes.

The Benefits of Filing Your Form 2290
with our Trucking Software

  • Simple, quick, and, efficient filing method
  • Re-transmit rejected returns for free!
  • Free VIN Corrections for returns filed with us
  • Avoid errors while filing
  • Receive stamped Schedule 1 in minutes
  • Instant notification when IRS accepts your return

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Benefits of filing your Form 2290 with our Trucking Software

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Ready to file your IRS Form 2290 with
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