LTL/FTL Dispatch Software
for Trucking Businesses

Dispatch LTL/FTL loads with just a few clicks and track them effortlessly in real-time.
LTL/FTL Dispatch Software for Trucking Businesses

Choose between FTL and LTL dispatches
for optimum flexibility

Choosing the right shipment type can help improve your bottom line.

Efficient dispatch management
for FTL/LTL shipments

TruckLogics is the best solution for dispatching your loads, tracking dispatches, invoicing, settling with your drivers, and assessing the financial health of your business.

Ensuring a prompt and safe delivery to your final destination is an important factor of success in a trucking business. With TruckLogics, we give you the best tools to accomplish this with a choice of FTL or LTL for your shipments. TruckLogics makes setup of either load type simple and flexible.

We are an all-in-one cloud-based trucking software providing industry-leading solutions to transportation companies of all sizes. From loads to settlements to year-end tax reporting, TruckLogics does it all.

How do LTL/FTL dispatches work
in TruckLogics

A Complete Trucking Management Solutionfor Handling LTL/FTL Shipments

Add Shipper & Consignee

In TruckLogics, while creating an FTL /LTL dispatch, you can add multiple pick up and a drop off locations by adding shippers and consignee details or by selecting them from the full list of customers from your
address book.

Add Freight Details

You can add your freight details easily to your FTL/LTL dispatches. Add a full detailed description of your freight, the amounts, dimensions and more.

Create Dispatch & Assign Driver

While creating an LTL dispatch, you can assign your truck and driver easily to each dispatch, and notify them via text or email of their new LTL dispatch assignment.

Request E-Sign BOL

Based on the entered freight details, your BOLs can be created with the click of a button! TruckLogics allows for BOLs to be e-signed by drivers, shippers and consignees,


When you create an invoice for an LTL dispatch, each load is tied to individual invoices giving you the ability to account for the costs associated with each load. The invoices are auto-populated with the customer, freight and other details to make invoicing easy.

Last Mile Delivery

You can ensure easy and timely delivery through an effective LTL delivery plan. TruckLogics takes most of the load off through just a few self explanatory steps.

Benefits of managing your LTL / FTL Loads
with our Trucking Software

  • Take full control over how and where your loads are assigned
    and dispatched.
  • Leave no space behind in your truck! Make use of all the extra space with LTL loads.
  • Create professional-looking invoices for each customer and share them with a click of a button.
  • Focus on optimal freight schedules and increase your LTL
    tracking capabilities.
  • Move your entire shipment safely, securely, and on time with
    FTL shipment.
  • FTL shipments ensure the freight arrives as quickly as possible by traveling straight from origin to destination.
  • Track your shipments while on the move.
Benefits of managing your LTL / FTL Loadswith our Trucking Software

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Trucking Software Features

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