Multiple Accounts access for Office Manager, Drivers and Dispatchers

Multi-User Login Access
  • Office Manager: An office manager can gain access to all of Trucklogics’ timesaving features, except for business details, account information, and billing.
  • Drivers: A driver will have the ability to access Trucklogics’ features including: check calls, fuel ups, expenses, as well as upload assigned dispatch documents.
  • Dispatcher: Choose whether you want your dispatcher to be able to create loads or not in your TruckLogics account.

Custom Website

If you are a Fleet Manager, you can create a personal Website for your business, allowing your drivers and staff members to have access to a variety of TruckLogics’ features.

Here is an example of a personal Website for your employees to access your TruckLogics’ business account:

You can manage the TruckLogics’ access level for your employees by providing them with their own email and password. Your employees will enter in the email and password you provide to them into your business’s TruckLogics page. This grants your employees access to the features of TruckLogics that apply to their role in the company.

You can review and edit your employees’ range of access to better suit your business needs.

Manage Staff details

Office managers can access all of TruckLogics’ features, except subscription and manager user settings.

Set Office Manager Access:

Email Notifications

You can email your employees (drivers and office managers) their credentials to your business’s Website.

Watch Trucklogics video: Multi-User Login Access Feature