Great news! TruckLogics now offers unlimited ProMiles usage in its preferred and premium packages. No more worrying about purchasing add-on credits! With TruckLogics and ProMiles, you can complete trip sheets faster and automatically file your IFTA reports.

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ProMiles is the program every transportation professional needs! Unlike other GPS programs, ProMiles only selects routes appropriate for heavy vehicles, eliminating costly backtracking, detours, and out-of-route mileage. It plans your whole trip for you, down to every last mile.

When you sign up for TruckLogics preferred or premium package, you'll gain unlimited access to ProMiles.
With ProMiles, you'll be able to get precise directions, give more accurate quotes to your clients, estimate the mileage and cost for a trip, and spend less time turning around due to road restrictions, low-overpasses, bridges, or detours.


Key Features of ProMiles Integration

IFTA Reporting with ProMiles

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The TruckLogics IFTA filing process has been integrated with ProMiles for accurate tracking of your mileage.

  • State Mileage and Taxes
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Truck-Specific Reports

Trip Sheet

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Since TruckLogics is integrated with ProMiles, trip sheets can be completed almost instantly. And with just a single click, users can import trip details into a completed trip sheet faster and more precisely than ever before.

Route Planning

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TruckLogics finds you the best route for your trip using Google Maps. The program will show you how long you'll be on each route based on your starting and ending point.

Fuel Optimization

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Every trucker's goal is to save more money with fuel optimization. At any given point along the route, you need to know the price of fuel, the amount you have in your tank, and the best place to purchase fuel. This can sometimes mean purchasing a minimum amount of fuel at one stop in order to have enough fuel available to make it to a better stop further along the route.

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