Driver Settlements
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We are an all-in-one Cloud-based trucking software providing industry-leading solutions to transportation companies of all sizes. TruckLogics helps you generate settlements easily.

Settle your Drivers real
Quick & Easy

To create driver settlements is never easy for a business owner. TruckLogics handles driver settlements effortlessly by maintaining all your information within the dispatch. It removes the burden of account management by automatically bringing in reimbursable expenses, recurring expenses, and associated payment transactions to the
driver settlement.

Driver Settlement made easy
with TruckLogics

Driver Settlement made easy with TruckLogics

Create Settlement

No more double entries to create a driver settlement. If your driver is paid based on the miles driven, you can easily pull up the miles based on dispatch, invoice, or trip sheet. Reimbursements, if any, are automatically pulled up in the settlement. Accessorial fees are pulled up from the dispatch. It’s that simple.

Reimbursements & Deductions

When you create the driver settlement for a dispatch, any reimbursements and accessorial fees for the driver are pulled automatically from the dispatches. You can also add additional accessorial fees, reimbursements, or deductions that are not part of
the dispatch.

Recurring Deductions

Have a recurring deduction for your driver? You don’t have to add them each time you create a settlement. Set it up once, and TruckLogics will automatically pull that up in a settlement based on the date. Doing so will save you time and reduce the possibility
of error.

Record Driver Payment

TruckLogics lets you record the payments made to drivers as part of the settlements. Option to record payment types cash, check, credit card, electronic funds transfer, and ACH are available. Also, the option to void the payment if available.

Non-Settled Payments

Run a report to list all non-settled payments for your driver. Pick and choose the settlements to apply the payment against. This allows you to record a single payment against multiple settlements.

Year-End Tax Reporting

TruckLogics allows you to map the income and expense account categories against tax categories. All income, reimbursement, and deduction transactions in a settlement will automatically be reported in the year-end tax report. You now have the numbers to file your taxes.

Benefits of Driver Settlements
with TruckLogics

  • Avoid double entries. Information gets pulled from
    the dispatch.
  • Record payments against multiple settlements.
  • Listing of Non-settled Settlements.
  • Facilitates year-end tax reporting.
Benefits of Driver Settlement with TruckLogics

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