Our intuitive trucking management software allows you to schedule & manage your everyday dispatch simply.

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At TruckLogics, we understand the daily headaches that owner-operators, fleet owners face. That's why we've made it our mission to reduce your workload by cutting truck scheduling errors. With our Dispatch Schedule feature, scheduling a dispatch is fast and easy.

Accurate Truck Scheduling

Without the right tools, finding truck availabilities during your tight business timeline can be tricky.

With our Dispatch Schedule feature, you'll receive insight on the number of available & unavailable trucks, trucks on delivery, and LTL and FTL trucks. This will help you to assign and schedule dispatches accurately and quickly on for any day, week or month.

Assign Dispatch With Ease

Your TruckLogics dashboard lists the available trucks for you to assign dispatches to quickly. You can either assign dispatches using the Truck view or Calendar view.

Truck & Calendar View
  • From the Truck view, you can view the schedules in one place for all your trucks. You can assign the available trucks to unassigned dispatches as per the schedules.
  • From the Calendar view, you can have the option to view and manage the schedules for a specific day, week or month.

Our Software makes your job easier. Start our 15-day free trial now and see how simple it is to manage the dispatch schedules.

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