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After creating and dispatching an load, the invoice is already done for you! All that’s left is adding a fuel surcharge and sending it to the client. We believe you shouldn’t waste time and money on tracking payments or managing your cash flow. With our automated reminders you will always know when and how you are getting paid.

Custom Invoicing

Generating an accurate, professional-looking invoice takes just a few clicks in TruckLogics. Based on the load details and your settings, TruckLogics performs all calculations and autofills most fields for you.

Create or Upload an Invoice:

Create invoices for your clients, add and edit details about the load, rates, and add memos. You can also download and share the invoices with your clients, or print or send by email.

Invoice Alerts & Reminders

Our alerts will remind you when invoices are coming up, due or past due. With the invoice reminder system you never forget when to send your invoices.

Invoice Tracking

For each invoice, set the terms of billing to determine the due date. Once set, you can track all invoices based on when they're received, or from 15 days, 30 days, or a custom number of days from the deadline.

Download, Print, or Send an Invoice

Download the invoice as a zip file to send to the client. You can also choose to send via email or print and send via postal mail.

Receive Payment

When the payment has been received from a client or carrier, you can post the payment in TruckLogics. Within Trucklogics, you can record full or partial payments, the method of payment (check, cash, credit, EFT), and add additional notations of needed. You can aslo post one payment toward multiple invoices for frequent clients.


Add a factoring company by choosing “yes" if the invoice has been claimed by a factoring company, and their rate will apply.
The factored percent and number will not show up on the client invoice; it will only appear on the report you generate for your records.

Watch Trucklogics video: Invoice Made Easy