Schedule maintenance tasks for trucks & trailers, and receive automatics reminders every time they’re due in the future.

We understand that on-time maintenance reduces costs. Our program is designed for trucking companies that need an effective system to manage planning and maintain accurate record keeping. TruckLogics lets you build service schedules and plan any upcoming maintenance that needs to be done, ensuring your trucks are always in compliance.

Record Management

We make maintenance hassle-free with our quick entry log screen. You can also do custom sort and search so you can always find the information when you need it.

Equipment Tracking

You can track all of the equipment details that you need to manage your company, including the year, make, model and serial number.

Maintenance Planning

Create your own maintenance schedules based on the requirements of your fleet. You can track your maintenance schedule by date, mileage and hours.

Watch Trucklogics video: Adding Maintenance