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For the most complete picture of how your trucking company is doing, you need to see where all the money goes. Expenses show when and where you are buying products and services for your business. Spreadsheets have their place, but they lack the insight, efficiency and mobility you really need. We understand your business is mobile, which means you need to have the ability to track and manage all your expenses from anywhere.

Fuel Expenses

Quickly record details from every fuel purchase. Input the quantity, type of fuel, and cost for each transaction, and upload a capture of the receipt for your records.

Conveniently keep track of gas station details on each fuel purchase for your compliance records.

What Are Recurring Expenses?

Recurring expenses are the charges you incur on a regular, scheduled basis. Instead of having to manually add these to your expenses on a regular basis, TruckLogics now allows you to create a recurring expense that will automatically calculate into your reporting.

  • What Is the Purpose of a Recurring Expense?

    Since adding repetitive charges takes time, allowing you to create a recurring expense means you can save time, and ensure that you never forget an expense that you need to account for.

  • Why Do Truck Owners and Fleet Managers Need Recurring Expenses?

    If you’re running a business, you will have plenty of recurring expenses you need to account for. This could be anything from a payment on a truck to the cost of fuel.

  • How Do Recurring Expenses Work in TruckLogics?

    It’s simple — you enter the information for a recurring expense within TruckLogics, and this expense will automatically calculate depending on the frequency of the expense.

  • What Are the Benefits of Recurring Expenses in TruckLogics?

    With recurring expenses, you can accurately track and report your revenue and expenses month after month. Instead of having to manually add your expenses, TruckLogics lets you streamline the process by adding and managing recurring expenses instead.

Other Expenses

Record payment details such as the paid by information, payment mode (cash, check, credit card or EFT), and total amount of the transaction.

Select an expense category from the drop-down menu, or add your own custom categories for your business. You can also split an expense between categories by clicking "split."

Record the expenses accrued by your driver from your account login.


User-friendly interface

It is easy to input all your data and track every expense.

Autofill feature

You’ll spend less time keying in entries when TruckLogics remembers and reuses information from previous expense entries.

User-defined and managed smart lists

Build your own smart lists of favorite and often-used hotels, restaurants, truck stops and other places.

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